What if you visa application refused

UK entry clearance officer carefully checks visa application, immigration history and supporting documents, to see whether you meet the Immigration Rules to visit United Kingdom. In some uncommon cases immigration officer may need to interview you.

If your application for a visa to enter the UK is refused, you will receive a notice of refusal. This document is very important as it lists the reasons for the refusal. Many believe that from now road is closed in the UK, but its not true. We are successfully helping to challenge the denial of visa and get a visa to the UK even after a refusal! Our experience shows that in most cases visa can be issued even after refusal.

Our company has great experience helping our clients receive not only a visitors visa after refusal, but in more complex cases. We often help women married to British citizens who incorrectly fill in documents and was refused a spouse visa or a visa for her dependatn children from a previous marriage. This can be a serious obstacle for your new family, but even this problem can be solved by collecting the necessary documents and making an appeal to the UK embassy.

To enable us to assess the chances of getting a UK visa after the failure, please send us a copy of the refusal, received from the Embassy. After reviewing this document, we can say for sure how to actually get a visa in your case.